Dual Status Enrollment

High school students - have we got a deal for you! If you’re interested in gaining knowledge in one of our areas of study, then dual credit enrollment might just be for you. Dual credit enrollment means high school juniors and seniors can enroll in one of many classes right here at LATI and potentially earn college credit toward your desired career area. This is a great opportunity to experience the responsibilities and challenges of a real-world college class while you’re still in high school.

How Does it Work?
Your first step is to review the list of courses offered for dual credit status by Lake Area Tech and determine if you would benefit by enrolling in one or more classes. View this semester’s dual status courses offered by LATI.

Next, speak to your high school counselor or administrator to talk about your intension. He or she will be able to provide additional information regarding the enrollment process. You’ll also need your counselor or administrator’s signature on the dual credit application if you decide to enroll in one of the dual credit classes. If you decide that enrolling in a dual credit course is for you, complete the application form here: download the dual status form.

Dual credit classes are offered at a greatly reduced rate of $40 per credit. For example, if the class you are interested in is a three-credit class, then the total cost of that class would be $120. You’ll receive a course schedule and invoice for your class(es) after your application has been processed.

What Else Should You Know?

  • High school students enrolled in a dual credit course should confirm with their high school whether the textbook will be provided or if the student will be responsible for obtaining their own book. Students who wish to purchase their own textbook may do so through Stax, Lake Area Tech’s bookstore.
  • Depending on the course in which you enroll, you may be required to use a laptop. Also, depending on the course enrolled, certain software may be required. This information will be provided to you following the registration process or you may inquire at your high school or LATI prior to registering for the course.
  • Credits earned for the dual status course may or may not be transferable to a post-secondary institution. Students will need to contact the college or tech school they’ll be attending after graduation to learn more about the transferability of the credits earned for the dual credit course they’ve completed.
  • Students enrolled in a dual credit class at Lake Area Tech will be expected to follow the policies outlined for students in the LATI Student Handbook, including attendance policies. Students will need to follow the academic calendar set forth by LATI, which means classes may be held at Lake Area Tech on days that high schools have off.


Still have questions? We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the process involved in applying for a dual credit class. Please contact your high school counselor or Lee Quale at Lake Area Tech at qualel@lakeareatech.edu.