Computer Information Systems E-Degree

CIS Online

How does an E-Degree work?

To complete your CIS E-Degree, you'll take online courses through LATI's eLearning system. You will also visit the LATI campus to complete hands-on projects and labs. For example, if you are in the:

Programming or Visual Communications Specialist option, you'll come to campus occasionally (some evenings and Saturdays) to complete lab and project work.

Network or CISCO Specialist option, you can expect to spend more time on campus during your second year (about 50% online, and 50% on campus).

Why E-Degree?

LATI E-Degrees are "hybrid" – an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. With hybrid education, you get maximum time/location flexibility and the chance to work with LATI instructors on experience-building projects.

How long will this E-degree take?

20 months (full time) or longer (part-time). Talk to us about transferable general education credits and/or prior learning experience—it could shorten your time of study!

About Computer Information Systems:

A degree in CIS will prepare you for a high-demand career in the IT field. As a graduate, you could be a programmer, network specialist, web developer, database administrator or computer technician. You could work for a private company, manufacturer, academic institution, or health care facility. Or— choose to be your own boss by doing independent web development or starting a computer service business.

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