Entrepreneurship E-Degree

How does an E-Degree work?

As an Entrepreneur e-degree student, you'll take online courses through LATI's eLearning system. The e-degree program offers an 18-month or 20-month option. To see what courses you’ll be taking, click here to view the course outlines.

Why an E-Degree?

LATI E-degrees are offered in "hybrid" form – an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. With hybrid education, you get the flexibility of online courses and the opportunity to work with LATI instructors on experience building projects.

About the Entrepreneurship program:

This program would be a great fit for someone who has a business idea or someone who is a graduate of another program and wants to start a business in that area. You’ll be able to keep your day job while you work towards your e-degree on your own time. As an online student, you’ll learn business concepts vital to succeeding as the owner of your own company.

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