Precision Machining E-Degree

Critical Needs Workforce SholarshipBecause Precision Machinists are desperately needed, the South Dakota Legislature created a Critical Needs Workforce Scholarship, available the fall of 2014. Students accepted into the Precision Machining on- campus program or the Precision Machining E-Degree option are eligible for federal financial aid and also can sign up for an automatic $4000 scholarship, awarded in installments over the course of their program. Scholarship recipients agree to work as a machinist in South Dakota for three years after graduation. Scholarship information and application materials are available here.

Precision Machining is one of the most vital, highly skilled careers needed keep America’s manufacturing quality second to none! As requested by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, Lake Area Tech has formatted our outstanding Precision Machining program into a new online format option, in addition to our on-campus program. The online curriculum design allows individuals who are currently employed full-time to also be a part-time LATI student. After successfully completing the program, graduates can expect to advance to a highly paid, secure career as a machinist.

How does an E-Degree work?

As a Precision Machining E-Degree student, you'll take online courses through LATI's eLearning system. Most of your time learning will be done at home, so you’ll only spend limited time on campus.

Why an E-Degree?

LATI E-Degrees are "hybrid" – an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. What’s great about that is you can keep your day job (work, raise kids) and still get a degree. With hybrid education, you get maximum flexibility to study when and where you want, but you’ll still get the chance to learn on-campus with LATI instructors on selected projects.

How long will it take?

As an online student of our Precision Machining E-Degree program, you’ll complete your Associate of Applied Science degree over six semesters and two summers. During that time, you'll learn the working properties of metals, and how to use both manual and computer-controlled methods to produce machined products. While the majority of your studies will be online, you’ll come to campus every few weeks for hands-on learning projects using our 23 top-notch Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.

Earning an online degree in Precision Machining is possible! Give us a call today or contact us online with any questions you might have.

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