Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

This course has been approved by the South Dakota Board of Dentistry, to satisfy the educational requirement leading to “verification of competency.” This course is for dental assistants who have let their licenses lapse as well as for assistants that have at least one year work experience as a chairside dental assistant in a general dental practice and want to obtain their certificate of registration through the state board of dentistry to legally perform expanded functions in South Dakota.

Participants may enroll for any segment of the program. Each module includes on-line instruction that may be completed prior to the hands-on session or after the session depending on a student’s preference. Participants need to be aware that they will be required to spend an equal amount of time reviewing on-line instruction in addition to the hands-on courses. Total number of hours to complete the course is approximately 60 hours on-line preparation and 40 hours of hands-on instruction.  Completion of the on-line test and hand-on competency is required for certification of that function. Completion of the entire course is required for a verification of competency certificate.